Morakniv Classic - Make History

Client: Morakniv
Production: Kojan Film
Copy: Kojan Film & Consid Communication
Year: 2020

For the international new-release of Moraknivs original knife - Morakniv Classic - this video shows the brand that is close to all our hearts through out the time.

The reflection in the knife was filmed using an automated motor with the knife attached to it, rotating close to a high resolution monitor to get everything in camera.
We had to film everything twice. Once with the knife in focus and a second time with the reflection in focus. In post we later combined them to get a super sharp image.
We also filmed a bunch of animated light to comp on to the knife to get a more living feeling from it.

The video later won The Swedish Design Award and Publishingpriset 2020 in the category Video-Commercial.

Behind the scenes: