Minecraft - Dungeons

Client: Mojang Studio
Production: Svep
Year: 2020

Fight your way through an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe!

After working together with Mojang in creating cinematics for the new game  “Minecraft Dungeons” we were happy to get the opportunity to create the official launch trailer for the game. In total we created 3 shorter teasers and one Launch Trailer.



Direction, Production & Ideation
Character Animation
David Weidemann, Florian Raphael Panzer, Christoph Schinko, Bruno Buzinkay
Jacob Danell
Client Producer
Mojang Studios – Hampus Nilsson, Sofia Orrheim
Art Direction
Svep & Mojang Studios – Ninni Landin, Martin Johansson
Muisic & SFX
Mojang Studios – Rostislav Trifonov & Peter Hont, Ambiens – Calle Wachtmeister
Unreal Engine Artist
Jonatan Pöljö
Steffen Knoesgaard, Johannes Matsson
Storyboard Artist
Magnus Jonason